A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A freestyle rhythm boss battle where you improvise to blend your own notes with your opponent's. Fight to the beat!

Z: 1-beat note  |  X: 2-beat hold  |  C: 1-beat harmony

Tokyo Rhythm Fighter centers around two college-age girls in Tokyo who are in a band on the verge of collapse. Each wants to make different genres of music and can’t compromise. The protagonist, Sola, must break out of her stoic and passive role within the band to fight to keep the group together. She seeks out a jam battle with her friend-turned-opponent in which she attempts to blend her preferred genre of music with her adversary's in order to prove that compromise is possible.


Jaden (computeruser): Programming, Design

Eli (bardicrogue): Programming

Charlee (liucharlee): Project Management, Design

Eric (RiceRogue): Tech Art

Beck (splet): Art, Design, Juice

Eris (erisalreadytaken): Art

Munro (shiib): Sound, Art

Rhyme Irizarry: Music

Sawyer (sawybean): Title screen music track


TRF_WIN.zip 35 MB
TRF_MAC_NEW.app.zip 44 MB
TRF_Mac.zip 46 MB


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Hey, I'm working on a rhythm mapping tool for games like yours. it's called MBOY Editor (https://vfpe.itch.io/mboy-editor) Do you want to try it for your game? Vic