A/D to paddle on left/right side

A/D + hold S to paddle backwards


It's a game about kayaking around a lake. I wanted to try stuff with physics and moving something with forces/vectors, and I'd happened to go kayaking over the summer. It is what it is because that's what I could do with the time I had.

My initial idea was kayaking around a lake, but making it pseudo-3d, which I quickly figured out was far out of scope. I also had a period of time where I was conflicted between this idea and fleshing out my flatgame instead. I ended up choosing this because I actually had a goal in mind, versus for the flatgame I had no idea how to take it further. As I was working I entertained the idea of having a goal, like an area to get to that you'd follow an indicator on the edge of the screen to find, based on using lights from the shore to find your way after dark, but all this was also out of scope. 

Getting movement with forces working was a pain! Specifically, applying a force in the right direction relative to the way the player was facing, instead of relative to the world, since I originally had it set up to apply forces slightly on each side so that it ends up feeling like you have to paddle, and I was trying to use AddForceAtPosition to do so. I ended up using AddRelativeForce and then adding a torque to emulate what I wanted.


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i got stuck on the sand